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We are the Pink Eyed Sissies - Sandi and Sue - real sisters - and this is our story.

Born and raised in Michigan, the second and fourth of four siblings, we find ourselves looking for a way to turn our creativity into an income. Though separated by 1100 miles, Sue in Florida and Sandi in Michigan, we remain close and through our many visits back and forth, have enjoyed exploring our creative side. Our husbands have grown accustomed to empty kitchens and messy work areas as we enthusiastically labor over a new project allowing just enough time for a mad dash to the airport!

Pink Eyed Sissies began in 2008, when Sue was visiting me in Michigan and we attended a flea market discovering a case filled with optometrist test lenses. That old, velvet lined case was beckoning us to buy it and find a way to make the lenses useful once again. By the time we got back home we knew we were going to make necklaces out of them but it took us over a year to really develop our idea. The name, Pink Eyed Sissies, speaks to our ability to look beyond the surface and see the possibilities through our rose-colored glasses.

In our fifties, we find ourselves drawn to times past and fond memories of Sunday drives to visit great-aunt and uncles on their farms, wearing clothes Mom lovingly sewed, and Dad singing silly songs. Now, Sue and I enjoy road trips, searching for vintage and antique items to use in our business and are easily side tracked by discoveries recalling childhood memories.

Sue has collected items from the 40-50’s for many years, long before vintage was “in” and has taught me to appreciate them as well. We use only original vintage or antique beads, papers, pearls and buttons to create our one of a kind pieces of art. Each necklace requires hours of labor and we love, love, love each and every one and hope you will too.


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Mercantile Fair Spring Fling
Northville, MI
April 7th-9th
Junk Bash Vintage Market
Columbus, OH
May 24th-25th
Vintage in the Village
Genesee, MI
May 20th

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